Confidently Work With Couples on the Brink of Divorce. 

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The new frontier in couples therapy.

No more dread. No spike of anxiety when regular couples therapy turns into divorce talk and one partner melts down in front of you. Positively impact both people's lives by starting where they are emotionally. Actually enjoy working with couples on the brink of divorce...perhaps for the first time!

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The video mixes the clinical and marketing offers. You may join the clinical only track.

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Codi is our Business Manager Extraordinare and will respond to any question big or small!

Dear Licensed Therapists and Graduate Students,

Welcome to our tenth training offer! We're grateful you're reading this.

Imagine your heart not racing and your cheeks not flushed after a disasterous session.

No pit in your stomach when you get a call, email, or an intake session where one person is freaking out about losing their marriage and the other person wants to be anywhere but your office.

Imagine all of the mixed agenda couples who come to you (perhaps 30% of your practice) actually relieved to meet with you because they're signing up not for the scary unknown of couples therapy, but for a safe place to discern a direction. A place where the leaning in and leaning out spouse can let the guard down they've been putting up between each other and with their friends and family. They're in their own personal (and different) hells, and they sense you have a plan to help.

Whether you're a veteran of the field or new to couples, this training offers tremendous clinical insights and practical approaches to working with highly charged couples who are not on the same page about whether to work in therapy or end the marriage.

Nearly every possible challenge, thought, or issue they may bring to you is addressed in this robust training. The ONLY couples Bill works with are mixed agenda couples. He only sees the very hardest cases because he wants to be the most masterful, experienced researcher, clinician, and focused teacher he can be to improve the lives of these couples in distress. (He actually tells some couples they're not bad off enough so he can't see them. It's an odd relief for them to get referred elsewhere.)

After the training therapists report confidence, not concern, when couples show up with mixed agendas. And when couples start couples therapy with motivation but end up on the brink, we teach a way to gracefully move them to discernment counseling without them feeling like they've failed or done something wrong.

With over 25 nuanced topics, from "what if one is having an active affair?" to addressing the ever-common, "I'm not sure I'm in love or ever was in love," the training leaves no question unanswered.

OK, so that's not true.

Therapists are masters at asking questions (that's what we're trained to do!) which is why we've opened up all of the material to your really good questions, personally answered by Bill (often within 24 hours.) When you start, you'll see the Q&A library right away, with all the collected wisdom as Bill answers the questions of those trained before you. 

If you join us, you will get an interactive learning experience so rare in our field.

We even have a way to get a quick email case consult (free) before you see a couple again - directly from Bill. Or, if you need more depth, we have several trusted supervisors available for a fee who can be there for your tough cases.

We're also on email for logistical support, answering all your questions as you work your way through the modules ( guilt if life gets busy, or, if you're eager, you can absorb it all as fast as you want.) We have up to 16 CE's for every license (see accreditation info here. You'll pay per CE for as many as your licensing board allows.

You’ll get my personal energy for what I consider a legacy project and the best support anywhere from Elizabeth (my daughter and the co-founder of The Doherty Relationship Institute) and our amazing assistant, Codi.

The most radical way we're different from other trainings is that one payment gives you access, forever, to updates, revisions, research, and marketing ideas that emerge over time. We'll give you all of this in one price. For life. (Though the term "for life" scares Bill because it sounds like we have to promise updates in 70 years... Elizabeth hopes you know what we mean: that we're not going to come out with a second and third edition and try to sell you on the changes, and you'll get access to everything new we're learning.)

We have certification, a public directory, a supervisory track, and a trainer track available.

With everything at your fingertips, you can re-listen to any lesson, any time. This is enormously useful as you walk into a very tough second or third session with a couple. Or it's been a while and you want a refresher and soothing voice.

We give you all the phone intake questions, a detailed protocol, and everything else you need to be successful right out of the gate.

We are working on bringing family lawyers in who are marriage friendly. For the first time, they will be equipped to send you couples, not just divorcing individuals who are in pain. Couples who have gone through the full process, from divorce attorney to therapist trained in discernment counseling, are grateful for this opportunity to share their ambivalence or hopes about the marriage. 

Even if divorce is ultimately the path taken at the end of discernment counseling, these couples return to the divorce professional with new insights, clarity, and often confidence that they left no stone unturned. They are more likely to have a family sensitive divorce, rather than one that tears each other down and hurts children in the middle.

We also have a one free online training session for clergy to help them do a one session discernment process and make smooth referrals to a therapist discernment counselor. You'll get behind the scenes access and the ability to market to clergy with this free resource.

In case you're wondering "what if...I decide I don't like online training, get sick and don't have the time, realize you really want to retire soon, etc.," we have a happiness guarantee. If life swings hard at you, there is no rush. You have lifetime access to the material. But, if anything gets in the way and you need a refund, no problem. We want you to join us with the assurance we will support you even if you have to back out.

Finally, we bring you the benefit of a father-daughter team. As a newer therapist, Elizabeth will be there with you as a fellow learner as she actively sees couples using this protocol. And she will teach us all a thing or two about marketing in the 21st century!


Bill Doherty, Ph.D. 

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