We're thrilled you're interested!

Step One

You're success depends on us having a Discernment Counselor (or many) in your region.
The very first thing you need to do is see if we have them in your area. Go here and click on the "find a Discernment Counselor' banner on the page. It should actually auto-direct you to your state which means you're just 2 clicks from immediately knowing. If there is nobody in your area, feel free to reach out to us using this specific form. We may have therapists in training and not yet listed. 

Step Two

You've verified there are Discernment Counselors. Now you can go ahead with the three hour online training, at no cost to you. When you complete the training, and feel like it makes sense for your practice, you will go ahead and actually use the protocol right away.

Step Three

Agree to use the Ambivalence Protocol routinely during your first client meetings. This means our therapists know there is a dual-referral possibility with you. The protocol has demos of using it with one individual and with two people in your office.

The paid offer includes:

  • A personalized introduction to our therapists (we will do a fun split screen video interview with you making it easy for our therapists to get to know you)
  • A public facing listing (at ModernCommitment.com on our recommended divorce professional page.)
  • Exclusivity – our therapists trust us and therefor will trust you as a stand-apart lawyer in their area. 
  • One of a few, not many (we are limiting the number of lawyers by state to ensure the trust stays high and you are a key resource)