How do you know

If a couple is not a good candidate for couples THERAPY?

Sign up for the mixed-agenda assessment toolkit and apply the material immediately!

Well-intended therapists often start couples therapy with anyone who asks for it.

However, some couples who ask for couples therapy are not ready for it, and they bomb out early in the process.

These are mixed-agenda couples on the brink of divorce.  One spouse, leaning in, usually reaches out, frantic, hurt, sad, angry, and desperate to get started with saving the marriage in couples therapy.

The other spouse, the leaning out, has announced a serious intention to divorce but has not entirely decided—and (this is important) is highly ambivalent about couples therapy.

This leaning-out partner may show up in couples therapy to placate their desperate spouse, but they mostly need help with deciding whether to divorce or try again. They are not ready to work on repairing the relationship in couples therapy.

If you sign up, we guarantee you will have a way to quickly assess couples (by email, phone, or in person) to see if they have mixed agendas, to avoid demoralizing them by offering a treatment they are likely to fail in (and thereby demoralizing you at least a little bit!)

What you'll get in the mixed-agenda assessment toolkit

  • Complete understanding of mixed-agenda couples
  • Exactly what to say when one reaches out to you for couples therapy
  • How to share more fitting resources, no matter how eager the leaning-in is for couples therapy