Readiness for Couples Therapy Protocol

Never get off balance when a new client questions being in therapy.

Nearly 5 hours of audio downloads as soon as you purchase!

Everyone is nervous meeting for the first time, but when one spouse isn't sure they want to be there, it can throw a big wrench in the room and into the therapy process. Until Now.

Based on research and evidence about divorce ambivalence, a new area of focus in our field, learn a powerful modification of your existing intake process to avoid "selling" yourself, feeling defensive, or challenging someone who questions the validity of therapy. Then learn how to avoid half-hearted couples therapy by giving the ambivalent partner space to sort out complex options and go deeper without commiting to the intensity of couples therapy.

  • Immediately start modifying intakes when ambivalence enters the conversation (at any time in the session)
  • Gracefully handle challenging thoughts and beliefs of someone with ambivalence 
  • Appreciate the subtly of approaching someone with uncertainty about therapy and their marriage
  • Offer Openness and Pressure-Free Next Baby Steps for a Client Not Ready for Therapy


 I want to be more helpful to these couples right from the start.

This Readiness for Couples Therapy Protocol is designed for any couples therapist.
You will feel more confident while avoiding half-hearted couples therapy. The techniques in the intake and a unique session two will avoid the sputtering few sessions with an ambivalent partner who questions being in the room and is not engaged in the heavy work of couples therapy.

Nearly 5 hours of audio downloads as soon as you purchase!

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