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William J Doherty, Ph. D

Co-founder and internationally recognized marriage expert Bill Doherty, Ph.D. has been working with therapists, legislators, lawyers and mediators for years to better serve couples struggling with divorce decisions. As a researcher, he has documented high levels of divorce ambivalence among couples even after starting the divorce process. As a therapist, he has developed Discernment Counseling, a new way to work with divorce ambivalence presenting in the form “mixed agenda” couples where one partner is leaning out of the marriage and the other wants to save it. This is a frustrating and challenging situation for therapists, lawyers, mediators—and most of all, for the couples themselves.

With his daughter Elizabeth, he developed the vision for the DRI Alliance for Marriage and Divorce Counseling. This legacy project brings together three professions who have never joined forces: marriage therapists, family lawyers, and divorce mediators. The common goal is to strengthen and preserve marriages where possible and to offer a safe landing for a family friendly divorce when a marriage is ending.

Bill lives with his wife (since 1971) Leah and has a son, Eric, who is an attorney in California, and a daughter Elizabeth Doherty Thomas who co-owns The Doherty Relationship Institute. Bill’s four grandchildren are a light of his life. He begins his day with a meditation practice and, when the weather in Minnesota is above 14 degrees, can be found ending his day with his wife in their outdoor hot tub.

Ron Ousky, JD, Collaborative Lawyer and International Leader

Ron Ousky, JD

Attorney and International Leader: Ron has worked in family law since 1982 and has become recognized as an international leader in developing innovative ways to help family law clients. He is a recent president of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals and a cofounder of the Collaborative Alliance Executive Suites. He has been interviewed and quoted in numerous newspaper, radio, and television stories on Collaborative Law, including a feature on the CBS Evening news. Ron believes that the choices people make during their divorce can have an impact on their lives, and the lives of their children for many years. He is dedicated to helping them make choices that will allow them to achieve their highest goals.

In 2006, Ron co-authored the ground-breaking book, The Collaborative Way to Divorce, The Revolutionary Method that Results in less Stress, Lower Costs and Happier Kids, Without Going to Court, with Stu Webb, the founder of Collaborative Law. The book has been published by Hudson Street Press, a division of Penguin USA, the second largest bookseller in the world and has been distributed all around the world. The book has helped divorcing families throughout the world and is being currently translated into Italian.

Ron lives in Edina with his wife, Marlys, and has three children, Maria, Dano, and Katie, and a family dog, Joey. For more information visit his website, Ousky Law Firm.

Elizabeth Doherty Thomas Discernment Counseling

Elizabeth Doherty Thomas, MS, LAMFT

An entrepreneur, internet marketer, presenter, author, consultant, marriage and family therapist, and networking queen, she is trying to hold on to her hat as she chases her own professional dreams and helps her father, Bill Doherty’s, legacy work come to life.

The buck starts and stops with Elizabeth and her hope is to have huge growth for The Doherty Relationship Institute’s key projects and bring on a team of fantastic administrative support and others to help couples, therapists, mediators and lawyers connect in such a highly stressful situation to bring peace and harmony, however things evolve within the couple relationship.

When not racing around the internet, she enjoys trying to watch geekery like Firefly with her husband, or picking up rubber bands off the floor from her Rainbow Loom loving son and daughter. She can be found at Thomas Consultation.

Codi Quick

Codi Quick is the ninja behind all the wild and crazy ideas and desires Bill and Elizabeth have to serve customers and move our work forward. She and her team can handle the smallest to largest task with ease, grace, and speed. Her professionalism and detail-oriented nature make her an essential member of our team.