Celebrating 10 Years of Discernment CounselingIt’s always an unknown when you launch something into the world, but it’s very rewarding when therapists are the ones who love Discernment Counseling so much they convince their colleagues to get trained. While therapy has been around for over 100 years, we are excited to say at the 10-year mark,

Efficacy in Discernment CounselingWe recently heard this fancy word, efficacious, used to describe the approach of Discernment Counseling.  In the most simple form Efficacious simply means capable of having the desired results.  Paired with Discernment Counseling when two people have different views of their marriage and whether to work on it and how it feels

Discernment Counseling for CouplesIt’s a noble pursuit, but what about those couples teetering on the edge of divorce, where one partner is unsure about the marriage’s future? This is where Discernment Counseling steps in, offering a tailored approach for a specific yet significant demographic that traditional couples therapy may overlook. The conventional couples therapy model typically excludes

Why Discernment Counseling for Couples? In couples therapy, the focus is often on committed partners seeking to strengthen their relationship. However, a significant demographic is frequently overlooked: couples teetering on the brink of divorce, where one partner is uncertain about the future of the marriage. As Elizabeth Doherty Thomas, Co-founder of the Doherty Relationship Institute, asserts, it’s

Why doesn’t one size fit all?In the dynamic field of therapy, the concept of one-size-fits-all models often falls short. As a co-founder of the Doherty Relationship Institute, I’ve witnessed firsthand the limitations of adhering strictly to one theory or approach. Each relationship is unique, with its own complexities and nuances, demanding a flexible and personalized

Seeking options? Are you facing challenges in your relationship that seem insurmountable? If so, Discernment Counseling might be the lifeline you’ve been searching for. From the Doherty Relationship Institute we are here to tell you why Discernment Counseling could be the game-changer for your relationship.There is help! Explore Discernment CounselingWhen we first introduced Discernment Counseling as an