Helping A Clueless Leaning-In Spouse See More Clearly

We invite you into a brand new experience in Discernment Counseling.
This first live event is taking place on May 18, 6:30-8:00 p.m. CT.

Replay Available for Two Weeks

May 18th 2022

6:30PM CST


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Here's what we'll address:

You have a leaning out spouse who is pretty understandable in their reasons for divorce. Exploring their contributions is going well.

The struggle you have is with the leaning-in spouse who wants to save the marriage but can’t seem to connect with anything you ask them to reflect on. Their key hope is “this too shall pass” and that their spouse will just get over their feelings.

Getting traction with this person is hard!

They don’t see their role and they don’t seem to be taking their spouse’s concerns seriously (they may see themselves as the victim here), which only reinforces why their spouse is considering ending the marriage.

In this LIVE event

We will invite you, upon registration, to submit any brief sample cases or “I really want this question answered” so we’re prepared to respond and ready with role plays for you to observe.

We’ll also have time for live questions.