Join us for another exciting, live, unedited follow along of real couples going through Discernment Counseling with Bill.

Between sessions you get to hear Bill’s session reflections and ask any questions (and listen to your colleagues’ insightful questions and reflections.) All sessions and replays available in your member area.

“Better than binging Netflix.”  -real feedback from past participants!

The two next live, interactive cases are different enough from each other that we wanted to give you options.

You can chose to follow one or both, depending on your interest and schedule. (Though we suggest rearranging your schedule to be on these live calls!)

CASE #1 - Starts August 4th

They are Chinese-American, separated, with the wife 90% leaning out.

The husband is fully in, many years of focusing on parenting and growing distant but not conflictual, crisis last year over 22 year old child who gender transitioned (mother accepted, father did not at first and had a serious personal crisis).

No prior couples therapy.

Live interaction with Bill and Q&A’s will begin Wednesday, August 10th, 10-10:45am Central 
and subsequent Wednesdays for up to 5 sessions.*

CASE #2 - Starts August 5th

They are an upper middle class white couple. The wife leaning out but would do path three if the husband shows real openness to change as opposed to placating her.

She has pulled back sexually after years of feeling emotionally distanced by him. Wife is wondering if she is lesbian because not attracted to her husband and enjoys being with women (socially, no affairs.)  LI husband believes he is awakening to her needs and the fact of his distancing.

Several rounds of failed couples therapy over the years, which makes the wife skeptical about more.

Live interaction and Q&A’s will commence on Thursday, August 11th, 11-11:45am Central 
and subsequent Thursdays for up to 5 sessions.*

*Subsequent live sessions will occur at the same time as the initial interaction, and there is no way of knowing up front whether the case will go all 5 sessions.

The cases are electric, unedited, and exciting because when do you ever get to follow along with a live, unedited case in therapyland?

Bill gets to share nuances of Discernment Counseling around the very specific details of these couples.

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