Join us for another exciting, live, unedited follow along of real couples going through Discernment Counseling with Bill.

Between sessions you get to hear Bill’s session reflections and ask any questions (and listen to your colleagues’ insightful questions and reflections.) All sessions and replays available in your member area.

“Better than binging Netflix.”  -real feedback from past participants!

Meet S+AJ Starts November 14th

What you get

  • Every session of the couple
  • Live time to learn from Bill and ask questions or follow up from colleagues' questions-join live or get replays

S and AJ are a heteroxexual couple married 18 years and no children. They have had several years of couples therapy related to them being a "neurodiverse" couple, with the husband having a diagnosis of autism at age 40. Their couple therapy has stalled out and their therapist recommended DC. The wife (S) is leaning out.

During the phone screen the husband (AJ) at first reported being confused and demoralized about a direction for the marriage, but after I told that that DC required a LI partner, he clarified that he wanted to give the marriage a good last chance because (after I asked him a couple of times) "I feel a deep love and connection to her, and I think we can make it work." I encouraged him to bring that stance to the sessions.

S told me that she does not know what AJ wants from her and is not sure he can meet her needs for emotional safety and for physical caretaking. On the latter, she moved out to be with family in September after her foot surgery when she felt he was angry and unhelpful about taking care of her. (She had initiated a separation for several months lasts year as well.) All of this makes her lean towards divorce. She carries a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder and recognizes that she can be "smothering, controlling, and impatient." She has a childhood history of sexual abuse and other traumas. She reported stressful infertility treatments and two miscarriages that were life threatening. None of this has been processed in therapy, which seems to focus on whether AJ can respond emotionally S.

By the way, some of the therapy occurs in a foursome with the couple, AJ's therapist, and their couple therapist who is also S's therapist.

Finally, they thoroughly researched DC online and watched videos of me explaining it before they agree to see me and to have our sessions recorded.

They should be an interesting couple to work with in DC.

Live Q&A Schedule

(if they go all 5 sessions, yes there is a replay) 

  • November 14th, 11:30 - 12: 15 am Central Time
  • November 21, 11:00 - 11: 45 am Central Time
  • November 28th, 11:00 - 11: 45 am Central Time 
  • December 5th, 11:00 - 11: 45 am Central Time
  • December 12th, 11:00 - 11: 45 am Central Time 

The cases are electric, unedited, and exciting because when do you ever get to follow along with a live, unedited case in therapyland?

Bill gets to share nuances of Discernment Counseling around the very specific details of these couples.

*Subsequent live sessions  times can changes as this is a real couple and they have their own schedules too, and there is no way of knowing up front whether the case will go all 5 sessions.