Our clinical models assume two people are committed to their marriage.

But too often, somebody is leaning out of the marriage.

That spouse is ambivalent about couples therapy. Combine this with a leaning-in spouse eager to try—and you have a tough case.

Discernment Counseling starts where both spouses are at emotionally: no good or bad spouse and no pressure to work on the marriage.

Whether you're a new therapist or have decades of experience,
you can enjoy working with couples on the brink of divorce...perhaps for the first time!


We invite you now into a three part video series to explain all the details.
From there, we'll send the invitation to join us.

We are excited for your interest! Discernment Counseling Training is an online course that you can take at your own pace, and has no expiration. Enter your information for our free training series.

Discernment Counseling Training is designed for licensed therapists or working towards their license. 

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