Our Secret Weapon to Success Can Be Yours Too!

The Doherty Relationship Institute (DRI) is always creating new opportunities for therapists to reach couples. We realize there are many administrative and techie components to this work and wanted to share our resource to help you.

Codi Quick is the founder of Quick Business Resolutions, an online business management and virtual assistant company serving small businesses across the nation and internationally. As you probably know, Codi is works with DRI as our business and operations manager, and is deeply embedded in every detail of DRI and our foundation with the full trust of Bill and Elizabeth.

Codi has a passion for assisting small business owners in their success. She is driven to help companies build their business. She is a great coach and strategist and has the full team to implement her ideas and strategies with marketing, increase social media presence, optimize your websites, delegate administrative tasks, and get focused on what is most important to them in business.

Codi employs a team of marketing and business professionals who bring a broad set of skills to address a wide array of needs. Her team at QBR will be happy to assist you with your business needs including everything from basic admin, website support, social media, writing, project management, coaching, business development, and more.

Unlike most Virtual Teams, Codi attracts local (to her, in Spokane, Washington) staff she trains in her level of detail and customer service. Although her team is working with you, Codi always takes an active role in all clients and projects and is always there for you. For Codi, this is it - her reputation, her businesses growth, all rest on every single client having positive experiences.

QBR has been an invaluable resource at the Doherty Relationship Institute,
 and we want to be able to share them with you!