Below is a small selection of all of the wonderful feedback we've received about Discernment Counseling training.

Douglas Sprenkle, Ph.D. // Former Professor Emeritus of Marriage and Family Therapy at Purdue University and past editor of the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy

I believe that Discernment Counseling is one of the major contributions to marital therapy in recent decades.

Karin Bleecker, M.S. Licensed Psychologist

Hooray and thank you, I love doing DC and your modules are not only great training for doing DC but also it has changed how I am doing therapy as well! Thanks for offering this up to all of us who love doing couples work!

Susan Lager, LICSW, BCD

As a clinician with a strong Internet presence, I can say that this is the best online training I have ever received...hands down!

Nancy St. John, MIACP

Becoming a Discernment Counselor has completely changed the way I work with couples when one or both partners are ambivalent about their relationship. The entire online training experience has been such a positive experience for me, as well as the interactions I had with Codi, and your daughter, Elizabeth.

Sheila Bost

I believe if you take the training and use it with a mixed agenda couple you will begin to see the difference. Bill answers questions; the videos are well done; an advantage is that you can listen to the online classes more than once. Of utmost importance is to follow their process and outline. It works.

Cynthia Rebholz,  LCMFT

I’m honored to be investing in the work you have pioneered. The approach has already made a positive impact in my work. Thank you for your hard work! And, devotion to couples and therapists.

This approach gives me more confidence and self-empowerment.

brenda a. smith, ma, lpc

I just want to say how grateful I am for this training because has saved me from the frustration of trying to do half-hearted counseling, and from dealing with a "no show" or having them just drop out and not know why. This approach gives me more confidence and self-empowerment. Thank you!

Loving the structure and process!

kari hunter, lmft, cpc

Had first 2 cases and am so thrilled that - after working 20+ years with these types of couples - providing DC is superior to any intervention I was able to offer previously. Loving the structure and process!

It has made my work with couples much less stressful.

amy hendricks, lmft

I am finding the training to be exactly what I need to help couples who are on the brink of divorce. I wish I would have had training like this in my Master's program. The theory required in grad school is necessary to a point, but upon graduation, I felt ill-prepared to deal with the practical realities of modern couples who are in distress. In DC, the examples of how to handle difficult situations, and the exact language given, has been perfect for the couples I have worked with so far. It has made my work with couples much less stressful.

I am proud to be learning from such a wonderful team of people.

antonia dileo

This program is so helpful and I am proud to be learning from such a wonderful team of people. A few months ago I wanted the objective of my practice to be couples coming to me ambivalent about divorcing  and I would help them navigate the three paths. I heard about Discernment Counseling and read more about it. Low and behold it was exactly what I wanted my practice to be and found a perfect training program to feel more confident in handling this process.