Every time you name something, you’re also implying what it is not. In this video, learn why we saying counseling not therapy but also why we do not say “coaching” to describe this intense type of therapy.

Unlocking the Depth of Essence in Discernment Counseling

Bill Doherty, co-founder of the Doherty Relationship Institute, introduces us to the concept of Discernment Counseling, a transformative approach designed for couples teetering on the edge of divorce. He highlights the importance of its name, emphasizing that while it's often misconstrued as purely cognitive, Discernment Counseling delves deeper into emotional and relational realms.

Differentiating Counseling from Therapy

Doherty clarifies the distinction between Discernment Counseling and traditional couples therapy. While therapy focuses on improving the relationship and requires both partners' active involvement, Discernment Counseling operates differently. It aims to guide individuals through a reflective process, evaluating their personal contributions to the relationship's challenges without necessarily committing to couples therapy.

Unveiling the Therapeutic Essence

Despite its name, Discernment Counseling holds therapeutic value. Doherty stresses the importance of assessing underlying couple dynamics and individual behaviors contributing to relational discord. By facilitating introspection and self-awareness, this counseling approach unveils profound insights resembling the depth and efficacy of therapy.

Navigating the Counseling Journey

Therapists navigate a carefully structured process in the counseling room, primarily engaging with one partner at a time. This individual-focused approach allows for deeper exploration and introspection, paving the way for informed decisions about the relationship's future.

Embracing the Therapeutic Power

Ultimately, Discernment Counseling embodies therapeutic principles, offering couples a pathway to self-discovery and relational clarity. Despite its concise nature, this approach harnesses the power of therapy, guiding couples through a profound journey of discernment and personal growth.